Randa M. Eason - Johnson

Owner & Lead Consultant

Randa Eason - Johnson, a 24 year plus veteran educator started at Little Pearl Education Group due to her personal and professional experiences in traditional public, charter,  private and state run schools. Understanding the complexities of the social political as well as social economic barriers that many families face, Randa has been successful at getting the most unmotivated students to succeed, the most underprivileged families take pride in academic and behavioral achievements and giving hope to the higher achievers that they can learn in a productive, fun,  high achieving setting.  

In honors courses, she helped young scholars broaden their academic dexterity with challenging alternative assessments that went beyond the basic academic asks of memorization.  Tapping into their creative side, honors students had to be active problem-solvers instead of passive memorizers of facts, which is the lowest form of human intellect, as only 5% of what is memorized is retained.  No matter how students are systematically tracked into “high-achieving” courses or “lower-level” courses, Randa treated each course and student without bias.  She was able to prove the all students can achieve if given an altruistic opportunity. Hence, equaling the playing field for all students has been a constant theme in her career.  Tired of making great strides in one classroom, one grade level, one school, and one community at a time, Randa set a goal to impact as many lives as possible. 

In creating Little Pearl Education Group, she named it after the street her family moved from during her childhood, Pearl Street, a working class, African American neighborhood. From daily assaults on self-image via the media, to school hierarchy mimicking socio-political and economic factors, Randa did not know she would become such a force to be reckoned with in education.  Although, she always wanted to be a teacher since she was a young child, the lessons life taught her became barriers she had to overcome in order to be redirected to her destined path, education.  

From an honors student to a disenfranchised pupil, Randa’s personal experiences as a student has given her insight to the needs of an array of students, abilities, learning styles and social needs.  Motivated by having seen the devastating effects educational lethargy, low graduation rates, and people not being taught to be active global citizen with real marketable skills and a passion for learning, Randa is “teaching” without borders!   Much like the origins of the aquatic jewel, Randa sees all students as little pearls, beautiful and precious formed in the most obscure places.  Beautiful in its natural form but when cultivated and put with others little pearls, it is a beautiful individual and collective work of art.  

Let Randa help you help your child help themselves by letting their inner pearl shine!