Adult Former Students Say...

  • You were one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. You taught me things in every area of my life. No matter what you encouraged me to keep going despite all my mistakes. You cared for your students as a person and not just a paycheck, you valued us and our education. You pushed hard for us and never gave up on us! Speaking for myself and the class of 2006 WE will forever be grateful for you and your many life lessons. Shaquasia M
  • ...you were my very first example of a fly educated African American woman and I think that all of your former students looked up to you because first and foremost you looked like us...you were young, fun and inspired a natural curiosity. You are innovative, creative and a brilliant educator.  Joann DH
  • Randa Eason [Johnson] challenged me to want more from and for myself.
    Tyrone R.
  • Randa (Ms. Eason-Johnson) was one of the most impactful and memorable teachers I have experienced as a student. Her approaches to education were innovative, creative and enjoyable. As a student, her class was one I often got excited about. She has an amazing ability to connect to her students and encouraged us to stretch beyond our limits in learning. She really cares about her students and their education and I am thankful for the opportunities I had to learn from her. Kelvin H.
  • I owe Randa a tremendous debt of gratitude for her many contributions to my academic, personal and professional achievements over the past 20 years. She has been my teacher, my mentor and friend for the better part of my life. 
  • I first met her as a 9th grader just entering high school and got to know her better during the following year when she was my African American Studies teacher. She somehow inspired her most reserved students (like me) to jump head-first into intense classroom discussions, participate in off campus experiential programs, and take advantage of countless opportunities to develop their creative talents and leadership abilities. This ability to inspire can only be described as magic. 
  • I had a cursory understanding of the subject matter at the outset of the school year but after spending a year in her class and a second year as a classroom volunteer, I was moved to continue my education in African American Studies at the university level. Even after I had left high school, she continued to support me in my studies at Rutgers University by serving as my writing coach throughout my undergraduate and graduate career.  
  • I learned some of my most important lessons as a student in her class and as an observer of her career. I have not yet met another teacher who can match the passion that she has for her profession, her students and her community. Her relationship with me and many other students progressed from teacher to mentor to friend. 
  • Had it not been for Randa’s support, guidance and friendship, I would not have pursued D&I as a profession.  I continue to count on her guidance as I navigate the corporate environment.  Mia B. 
  • Mrs. Eason was a great teacher. Her motivation, attention, and knowledge of the course helped me further understand my studies. She also listened to me when I may have needed extra help, gave me honest feedback which helped me trust her in her teachings and most importantly she made it fun. Thank you Mrs. Eason, I will always remember you. You made a difference in my life.
    -S. Moore
  • You were a great teacher and mentor to me, even though I’m from Africa, your African-American studies taught me things that I didn’t know about my own country. You made me challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I have nothing but found memories looking back and anyone to have you as a teacher would greatly benefit. Ferma S.
  • I have the privilege of writing this letter of recommendation for Ms. Eason, who was a teacher of mine in high school. Ms. Eason was always one of my favorite teachers for many reasons.  I enjoyed going to her class which is rare for any high school student to admit. Ms. Eason had her own unique way of teaching us everything we needed to learn in a fun and interesting way like US Government for instance.She would never shy away from letting us have our own opinions too.I remember she would separate all the desks into two different sections and we would have debates. She made sure everyone got to talk even the shy kids who didn't want to talk. Sometimes things would get heated but she was always able to make sure we didn't get off topic or say anything too out of line.
  • She was always very positive and engaging with her students.You could tell she was very passionate and driven about being a teacher. She would smile every day. She was always cracking jokes even though most of the time we didn't find them funny. There was no way you couldn't help but be happy in her classroom for those 45 minutes. Even typing this letter makes me smile thinking about her. Nikki B.
  • When they tried to expel me, Ms. E was the only person in the PPT who was honest.  Because of her, I received a second chance.  Tammy B.
  • I hated school but I loved Ms. Eason’s class!  Antonio T.
  • Ms. Eason had a gift of creating a family in the classroom that went beyond the four walls.  I wish my children had her as a teacher.  Taq A.